With 04 automatic paper-cutting machines that are imported from Taiwan since 2009, and a high skillful team that help our company to be confidant strongly in order to produce consistently the quality products and benefits for our customers.

Placing paper rolls into paper shredder to automatically cut into sheets according to sizes (standard, abnormal), and go through packaging process to meet all customers’ needs.


     Mekong Paper aims for the customer satisfaction and protect the customers’ interests. Our company has been completing the truck team, paperclip – vehicles, forklifts to meet the needs of importing and exporting the commodities, also ensure the delivery time with high quality services.

     We always put effort to follow the market growth and economy’s development as well as the increasing demand in delivery and transportation.


    We absolutely do adhere to the principle of continuous improvement in quality and service that meets the customers’ satisfaction. Our goal is to provide a best quality for customer service; thus, the customers do not have to worry about delivery service and transportation.

Factories’ System for Renting

At Song Than 1 Industrial Zone, Binh Duong

Phone, FAX: 0650 3737 537

Contact: Mr. Le Van Dung – Deputy Director, Branch Manager

Mobile phone: 0913 931 827

  • Address: Lot 02, 9th Street, Song Than 1 Industrial Zone, Di An District, Binh Duong Privince, Vietnam.
    • 18 km far away from the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
    • 5 km far away from ICD Phuoc Long harbor
    • 7 km far away from Tan Cang harbor
    • 5 km far away from Cat Lai harbor
  • Building type: Factory for leasing
  • Activity: since 2005
  • Rental price: please contact Mr. Dung, 0913 931 827
  • Area for rent: several workshops range from 800m2 to 3,600m2.
  • Floor tonnage: 9 tons/m
  • Land’s area: 32,000 m2
  • Total leasable area: 22,000 m2
  • Parking: parking spots for cars and automobiles.
  • Security Management: security checks at the entrances
Infrastructure and equipment:
  • Power Station: 3 stations to meet the needs of production and living condition.
  • Fire fighting equipment: equipment according to regulations of the Department of Fire Fighting Police at Binh Duong.
  • Water supply system: equipment as prescribed of Industrial Zone.
  • Cafeteria: serve about 100 guests.
  • The system of public restrooms: clean, convenient, environmental protection.


  • Hỗ trợ online

    Ms. Kim Anh
    Telephone number of Ms. Kim Anh ( (08) 54319199 - 09032 692 296